Is there a limit to the number of employees that can be handled by The Unity Suite™?

No, there is no limit to the number of employees that can be handled by Unity Suite™? It is fully scalable and designed for small, medium, as well as large-scale companies.

Does Unity Suite™ require any contract?

Yes, to use our HRIS solution, all the clients need to sign our standard software license and support agreement.

Does Unity Suite™ have a minimum contract length?

No, there is no minimum contract length. You can choose to terminate our service with a 30 days’ notice.

Can TimeOut be configured to handle multiple leave policies?

Absolutely! You can configure TimeOut to handle multiple leave policies to cater to your varied company population.

Can TimeOut deal with a company with different sets of company holidays?

Yes, our TimeOut module is designed to handle companies with different sets of company holidays. It is configured to handle multinational companies, which are geographically dispersed and have different company holiday table for each country or state.

Which browsers are supported byUnity Suite™?

Unity Suite™ is a web based solution and supports all popular browsers including Internet Explorer®, Chrome™, Safari®, and Firefox®.

Can I access Unity Suite™ using a tablet or Mac?

The Unity Suite™ is designed to run on devices with all operating system including Mac OS, Windows OS, Android®, and Linux® systems.

Can I install Unity Suite™ on my in-house server?

Yes, we have separate licenses available for hosting Unity Suite™ on your in-house server. The user experience of Unity Suite™ remains the same irrespective of where you host it.

What are the requirements for in-house hosting of Unity Suite™?

The requirements for hosting Unity Suite™ in-house are:

  • MS Windows® Server 2003 or later with IIS 6.0 or later
  • MS SQL Server® 2008 or later
  • Dual-core 2GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB RAM and 32 GB disk space
  • Does Unity Suite support multiple languages?

    Yes, Unity Suite™ can be customized to any language.