One of the crucial functions of the HR is evaluating employee performance. Having an automatics monitoring and performance-tracking tool simplifies the lives of HR. P.a.Plus allows aligning individual goals of the employees to those of the client business. It facilitates the appraisal process by setting personal and professional goals for each employee and creating development plans by tracking employee performance. P.a.Plus provides a complete social network styled platform and can be customized and implemented in a blink.

Customized Forms and Routing

  • Set up automatic performance appraisal form, 360° feedback form, and forms unique to your company.
  • Set up a customized routing of forms to enable fair and efficient performance review in the company.
  • Goal and Objective Setting
  • Creating personal and professional goals for employees
  • Tracking round the year employee progress
  • Linking goals and comments automatically to the review forms

Ongoing Feedback

  • Effective reviewing of employee progress by managers by attaching relevant notes and documents
  • Self-service functionality that allows providing ongoing employee feedback
  • Linking of comments to employee goals, by managers, to the enhance managers' involvement
  • Maintaining transparency and communication throughout the year to avoid surprises during review time

Comprehensive Reporting and Archive

  • Administrators can track completion of reviews or any other assigned tasks in real time
  • Custom reports are configured based on your forms for more meaningful insights
  • All completed reviews are archived and placed in employee document folders
  • Employees and managers can access complete records of past performance
  • Data Integration
  • Interfaces with all payroll and HRIS systems
  • Quickly aggregate and update information from any source