We are dedicated to providing best-of-breed solutions for all aspects of HR management. We partner with organizations who strive to enhance the HR experience and provide services that compliment ours.

Meet our partners:

Creative Workforce Solutions is our premier HR Consulting partner. The Creative Workforce team is dedicated to forward-thinking, sensible solutions to strengthen the foundation of your business. From compliance to recruitment and retention to operations and training methodologies, Creative Workforce Solutions will work with your company to solidify its basic structure and lay the foundation for growth. When CWS Software’s customers need any type of specialized HR assistance, we look to Creative Workforce Solutions to find the right answer.
CWS Software has crafted best-of-breed, self-service tools that streamline or eliminate manual processes for more than 14 years. Look to The Unity Suite™ for vacation and PTO tracking, performance appraisal and salary administration, all unified into one simple solution.

Partner with QualitasIT!

Interested in partnership opportunities with QualitasIT? Let’s talk! We offer partnership opportunities for single solutions (like TimeOut, TalentComp or p.a.Plus) or all of The Unity Suite™

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