The major job of the compensation team includes salary administration, salary reviews across organizations, and deductions. TalentComp helps plan, organize and control employee payments and streamlines the salary administration process. It enables routing, approval, and distribution of salaries and bonus. It is a complete compensation management solution.


With the salary increments and recommendations being routed electronically, supervisors can approve salary hire, make changes to the salary, and make salary adjustments on the fly. TalentComp enables setting the amount for the department pool for raise and bonus, as per the company policy. It also enables calculating the "What if?" scenarios with great ease.

The information about salary history and grades of employees can be easily collected from any HRIS and payroll system. TalentComp helps keeping the employee compensation information up-to-date by regularly implementing, upgrading, and maintaining the compensation details.


TalentComp can be customized as per the budget and requirement of any company. In addition, as the company evolves and grows, TalentComp can be reconfigured as per their business needs. It is designed to support an international workforce and manage different currencies and languages.


Security of the compensation information is the key feature of TalentComp. We use best of the breed technology to protect the compensation details. In addition, TalentComp allows only the authorize users to have access to the information and limits the document sharing ability of users’ to protect the sensitive data.