Provide straightforward, web-based time tracking for hourly employees. Using the TimeOut Timesheet module, employees' time can be automatically sent to managers for approval, then submitted directly to your existing payroll system in any format required.

TimeOut Integration

The Timesheets module integrates with the TimeOut system—any days off that are recorded in TimeOut are automatically shown on the employee's timesheet.

Simplicity and Flexibility

  • A mass-email function makes it easy to reach out for unsubmitted timesheets.
  • Your organization's pay policies are configured to ensure strict adherence to regular and overtime rules.
  • Timesheets can be enabled for your hourly, exempt employees only. Only those users will see the additional menu options.
  • The Timesheet module is available in two formats: Standard (with Start Time/End Time/Unpaid hours) or Multiple In/Out.

Payroll Integration

The payroll export file is configured to precisely match the import requirements of your payroll system, ensuring that the TimeOut Timesheet module can work with any payroll system.