As a competitive organization, you need a reliable leave management system to manage employee absence, calculate leave accruals and make payments accurately. TimeOut is a fully automated and flexible leave management solution. It simplifies tracking paid time off, requesting TimeOuts, processing leaves, and automatically updating accruals. It automates Leave Policy Enforcement with zero errors.


  • Flexibility to accommodate region or country based leave policies and holidays
  • Restricts authorization and access to data for information security
  • Enables setting up of rules specific to company policies
  • Customizes detailed reporting as per the company preference
  • Supports multiple languages to cater to the global market
  • Supports optional web-based timekeeping that can be directly integrated with any payroll system
  • Improves staffing and billing against individual projects by using the time tracking functionalitys


  • Provides a complete summary of requested, balance, approved and not approved leaves
  • Provides immediate email notification to managers for processing the employee leaves
  • Provides real-time updates of leaves in the TimeOut calendar to avoid scheduling conflict
  • User friendly mobile app enables processing the leaves on-the-go
  • Accurate
  • Enables automatic leave tracking, calculating employee leave balance, and vacation payouts
  • Immediately updates promotion and position change information in the database and maintains history of all the position changes.
  • Allows defining as my leave types as required as per the company policy.

Easy Transition

  • Can be easily integrated with any HRIS and payroll system
  • QualitasIT handles all implementation and customization, including creating and testing initial files, as well as ongoing updates and backups
  • We provides training and ongoing support for our HRIS tool. In addition, we help our clients to customize the tool, as per their changing needs, on the go.
  • You can choose to host the TimeOut software either in the QualitasIT server or your own.