The Unity Suite is a human resource information tool that combines the information technology and human resource management system. It provides easy-to-use and self-service platform that makes for a perfect timesaver for HR. Employees can change and retrieve their personal data, request for leaves online, and share key information throughout the company. It allows electronically handling all HR activities.


The Unity Suite dashboard is the employee communication hub. Employees can broadcast company related news, reach out to employees with personal messages, view the company holiday calendar, schedule events with reminders, and view task assignments status. It also enables the employees to access a document library where they can store important personal and professional documents.


One of the biggest challenges of maintaining employee data is to make sure it is secure and recent. The Unity Suite enables retaining all-important data in a secure and centralized employee database. The Unity Suite self-service feature enables employees to update their employee management information as and when there is a change thus making sure that, the information is recent.


The Unity Suite enables retrieving all employee management information through standard reports or your company specific customized reports. In addition, it allows managers to assign tasks and set completion timeframes to ensure clear progress tracking.